Monday, April 13, 2020


Be like Totoro

Be active

Live in the moment

Work out every day

Remember to stretch

Balance your body and mind

Keep fit

Be positive

Remember Friends Birthdays

Be better than yesterday

Walk at least hour a day

Live in this reality

Crying help relax

When you feel sexy, you are sexy

Keep practicing

Talk less, listen more

Keep motivation alive

When you miss somebody just call

Group activities are fun

Work hard, no excuses

Love your hobbies

Make yourself stronger

Dance whenever you can

Sport make us precise

Power bring responsibility

Sing and let go

Use your imagination

Respect and will be respected

Be content with who you are

Choose a hobby and make it a living

Eat healthy food

Life is a dynamic change

Breath deeply and gratefully

Learn one music instrument

Swim with passion and direction

Keep your life in order

Enjoy the moment

Make somebody happy

Show love when you feel it

Believe in dreams and realize them


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